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J&L Management of North Florida

In response to the prevailing economic conditions and discernment of the need for improving owner/management partnerships in Homeowner Association (HOA)-governed communities, James A. Long established J&L Management of North Florida, Inc. in 2009. While living in communities governed by HOAs that attempted to be effective governing bodies, he became aware that many decisions did not meet the needs of the communities as a whole and often did not seem to work in the best interest of homeowners. James saw first-hand how HOAs fluctuate in terms of commitment by volunteers, dedication of Board Members, resident interaction and overall community synergy.

Using his strong background in accounting, management, financial services and the ability to connect with people, James gained valuable insight to the inner workings of HOA management in large communities by serving on several Boards of Directors, holding the position of Vice-President. He serves his current association as Board President.

During his involvement in community management, James found it crucial to know how to effectively communicate concepts and thoughts to others in order to achieve and implement plans which benefit the community. Having acquired this experience and seeing a real need proved to be the catalyst for the establishment of his own company, J&L Management of North FL., Inc.

The company is locally-owned and operated in Jacksonville, Florida. It is dedicated to providing all clients with the best personal service available. While it is a young company, its management team has more than 22 years of management experience, together with over 50 years of accounting experience. The principal goal of the company is to give clients service advantages that, through research, have often been found to be overlooked by older and larger companies.